George Galloway and the EU elections: A vote for the Brexit Party is a vote for right-wing chauvinism

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After a useful and healthy debate, this position was agreed overwhelmingly at LAW’s members meeting on May 4.

LAW believes that:

  1. George Galloway’s decision to support Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party at the May 23 EU elections is a reactionary stance. Galloway is an outspoken supporter of the rights of the Palestinians and has made useful interventions opposing the witch-hunt in the Labour Party. But on this issue, he is badly mistaken. A vote for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is a vote for right-wing chauvinism and an anti-migrant stance.
  2. No ‘tactical’ consideration can justify support for the Brexit Party and we are disturbed to see comments along those lines in pro-Corbyn Facebook groups, including the ‘LAW Unofficial’ group.
  3. Despite our public criticisms of the current dire situation in the party, with a rightwing witch-hunt tearing through its ranks, Labour Against the Witchhunt is a campaign centered on driving through changes in the Labour Party. We urge all our supporters and members to join or rejoin the party – if they are allowed. This does not mean we exclude from LAW anybody who has been illegitimately suspended, expelled or barred from membership as part of the witch-hunt against Corbyn and his supporters.
  4. Given this orientation, we naturally urge all our supporters and members to vote and campaign for the Labour Party in the May 2019 EU elections.