Model motion: Suspension of two NEC candidates

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Please continue to nominate Jo Bird for a seat on the NEC – she has had well over 100 nominations. Mo Azam has sadly withdrawn.

Model motion: Suspension of two NEC candidates

This CLP calls upon General Secretary, Jennie Formby, to immediately suspend the nominations process for CLP NEC representatives, until the investigations into the two suspended candidates has been concluded. We also submit that all nominations submitted, should stand, until the conclusion of the investigation.

We further call on the Gen Sec to ensure that the investigation is expedited, whilst ensuring due process is maintained for the accused, and that nominations submitted should be honoured, should the accused be exonerated.
This CLP is deeply concerned that should the process proceed, without the two leading candidates, at the time of suspension, it could:

  • Bring into disrepute the election process; and
  • Question the legitimacy of any subsequently elected candidate, who will be seen to have unjustly benefitted from the two suspensions, especially should those suspended be later exonerated.

We also ask that, once the investigation has concluded, the Gen Sec should investigate the wider problem of politicised complaints against members, who are merely exercising the right to legitimate free speech and political commentary.

We believe that complaints, originating from groups external to Labour, should be treated with care and not lead to the automatic suspension of accused members, as this can then be used to undermine the Party by hostile media.