Events & protests

Saturday August 28, 6pm
LAW all-members’ meeting

All current members will have received an invite to this webinar. Feel free to keep your camera off and/or change your name (but please let us know by emailing

September 14, 6pm
Defend the Left! No bans and proscriptions!

Speakers include Ken Loach and Andrew Feinstein, former ANC member of parliament in South Africa. More info about this joint campaign against bans and proscriptions, click here. Click here to register.

Resist Event during LP conference 2021, September 26-28

If you are on the left, there has never been a more important time to resist. If you feel silenced, there has never been a better time to speak out. If you are coming to the Labour Party conference in Brighton in September 2021 – as a delegate or visitor, or just staying at home watching on Zoom – this is your opportunity to be part of the discussion about how socialists continue to fight for real change.

The Resist! Event hosted a launch event on Zoom on Friday, May 28.

The event in Brighton and Hove in September will investigate and discuss a number of themes.

The initial themes include:

Register here.