Statement on Marc Wadsworth’s expulsion by Africans For JC Values

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Grassroots Labour activist group Africans For JC Values (AFJCV) notes with concern the ruling of the National Constitutional Committee (NCC) regarding Marc Wadsworth.

We condemn all forms of discrimination – discrimination against Africans (Afriphobia), discrimination against Asians, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, etc.

The mainstream media seems to have been deliberately tarring Wadsworth’s name by associating it with anti-Semitism. They have continued to make the link in the headlines reporting Wadsworth’s expulsion, when in actual fact there was no evidence of anti-Semitism against Wadsworth, a veteran anti-racism activist.

At the launch of the Chakrabarti Report, Marc Wadsworth raised the lack of ethnic representation at the event.  Ruth Smeeth MP, heckled him, whilst he had been given the microphone to ask his question.

It is worrying that instead of concluding that based on the evidence, there was no anti-Semitisim on the part of Wadsworth, the NCC decided to find him guilty of breaching the catch-all “prejudicial” Rule 2.1.8 of the Labour Party’s 2016 Rule Book in order to expel him from the Party. The perception is that the decision was taken to expel Wadsworth, regardless of the evidence.

Interestingly, Africans For JC Values brought the conduct of John Mann MP to the attention of the Party, when he was shown on TV shamefully hurling abuse at Ken Livingstone. His conduct brought the Party to disrepute, but to date no action has been taken. Very disappointing, as one expects MPs to be held to a higher standard of account.

We believe the decision to expel Wadsworth is unfair. The only recourse for him to clear his name and fight the expulsion is through the courts, and we are confident that when he and his legal team decide to take up this option, his supporters and those who believe in fairness and justice will provide the necessary support.

Awula Serwah

AFJCV Secretary