Labour Campaign for Free Speech

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The videos from the launch rally for ‘Campaign for Free Speech’ are now available:

How and why Free Speech is coming under increasing attack 

Chair: Jackie Walker

Speakers (all in personal capacity):

  • Graham Bash (Labour Briefing)
  • Kerry-Anne Mendoza (editor, The Canary)
  • Jonathan Coulter (Lib Dems for Free Speech)
  • Chris Williamson (former Labour MP)
  • Moshé Machover (Israeli socialist, co-founder of Matzpen)
  • Craig Murray (journalist reporting on the Julian Assange campaign)

-> Plus: Presentation of the Draft Charter for Free Speech (draft here ) and conference on Saturday January 23 2021, introduced by Kevin Bean

The international campaign to oppose the IHRA fake definition of antisemitism and the fight for free speech in schools and universities

Chair: Tina Werkmann

  • Tony Greenstein (Jewish blogger, Labour Against the Witchhunt)
  • Ilan Pappé (Israeli historian, University of Exeter)
  • Leah Levane (Jewish Voice for Labour)
  • Ronnie Kasrils (anti-apartheid veteran)
  • Ronnie Barkan (Jewish author and activist, living in Berlin)
  • Steve Zeltzer (US activist)
  • Rowan Gaudet (Independent Jewish Voices Canada)