Labour Party conference 2021 – what’s going on?

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We’ll be constantly updating this page, so please keep checking back

1) Are you coming to Brighton for LP conference (September 25-28)?

Let us know if you are a delegate or visitor to conference or if you are coming to Brighton to attend the Resist at the Rialto Event.  We are setting up a special email group and WhatsApp group for comrades in Brighton to help plan our various interventions, inside and outside of conference. Email us ( with the following info:

  • Are you a conference delegate, conference visitor or Resist attendee?
  • The email address where we can reach you before and during conference
  • Your mobile number 

2) Saturday, September 25 noon
Protest: No bans, no proscriptions – for free speech in the Labour Party!

Protest outside conference venue in Brighton. Called by ‘Defend The Left’, more details to follow.

3) Monday September 27, 6pm
Public meeting: ‘Defend the Left – no bans, no proscriptions! For free speech in the Labour movement!

Speakers include Jackie Walker (LAW), Graham Bash (LRC/JVL), Esther Giles (LIEN), a speaker from Socialist Appeal plus Ken Loach (invited)

  • Details of venue will be shared closer to the starting time – email us if you wish to attend:

4) Wednesday September 29: Leader’s speech

Following the threatened auto-exclusion of Ian Hodson from the Labour Party (for being a sponsor of Labour Against the Witchhunt), the Bakers Union is discussing its future relationship with the party – including if it wants to disaffiliate. This event will take place during Keir Starmer’s speech, so we are currently discussing how to engage. Watch this space! 

5) Resist Event, September 26-29

We will be able to discuss freely and without fear of censorship or disciplinary action all the things that Starmer and Evans want to ban: Free Speech, Solidarity with Palestine, the Forde Report, The weaponisation of racism etc etc. Register here asap – a detailed programme will be published very soon.

6) Inside conference

Labour Party conference will kick off with a vicious bang – the afternoon of Saturday September 25 will see the general secretary’s speech and, we presume, the attempt to have him ratified. We are urging all delegates to vote AGAINST.

Saturday will also see a discussion on rule changes proposed by CLPs and the NEC. The latter is particularly important, because they will probably contain further attacks on the left, including bans and proscriptions and the de facto abolition of the National Constitutional Committee (which investigates disciplinary issues referred to it by the NEC – despite its many failings, it sometimes cleared an accused). We write ‘probably’, because the NEC can spring anything it likes onto delegates without prior warning – so Keir Starmer might consider the balance of forces in the delegations before deciding how far to push things. 

There is also a terrible motion on Palestine, backed by Labour First, which criticises and rejects the BDS movement and says Israel has the “right to defend itself” (a carte blanche to use its overwhelming fire power – financed by imperialism – to continue to attack Palestinians).

-> We urge delegates to vote against these attacks, but also try and ‘reference back’ the report presented by the Conference Arrangements Committee on Saturday at start of conference. Get in touch if you are interested in discussing this strategy further: