Freedom of Speech events at LP conference: programme for Monday September 23

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1.15pm: Culture, Arts, and Freedom

  • Jackie Walker: Socialist activist, writer; WitchHunt, the film documentary;
  • Professor David Miller: Professor of Political Sociology at Bristol University’s
    School for Policy Studies; a director of Public Investigations, a non-profit company (Spinwatch and Powerbase projects);
  • Ken Loach (invited, but not yet confirmed): Socialist and director of television and independent film (Sorry We Missed You, and many more!).

3pm: A showing of WitchHunt

  • The John Pullman documentary film, featuring Jackie Walker, which explores the connections between the attacks on Labour, the ongoing tragedy of Palestine, and the wider struggle against race-based oppression.

4.30pm: Modern Monetary Theory (MMT): How money really works

  • Professor Bill Mitchell: The world-renowned economist will debunk myths about government finances and how money works; what the Job Guarantee is and how a Green New Deal can be paid for;
  • Chris Williamson: The socialist MP for Derby North will discuss with Professor Mitchell the opportunities MMT can offer to Labour Party members fighting for a socialist government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

6.30pm: Labour Representation Committee – The Left Labour Needs 

  • Matt Wrack: Chair of LRC; general secretary, Fire Brigades Union;
  • Adriana Alvarez: Fight for 15 organising committee in the United States;
  • Chris Williamson: Socialist MP for Derby North;
  • Jackie Walker: LRC national executive committee;
  • Ian Hodson: President, Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union;

        The meeting, which is certain to be full to capacity, will be chaired by Cathy Augustine, LRC vice-chair.

9.30pm: An evening of readings and reflections

  • Jackie Walker: Socialist activist, writer; WitchHunt, the film documentary;
  • Steve Tiller: Opera and theatre director and producer, actor;
  • Kerry-Anne Mendoza: Writer, journalist, and social commentator; editor of The Canary.