Auto-excluded for ‘liking’ Facebook posts by LAW

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Comrades should be aware that the Labour Party is now auto-excluding members for clicking ‘Like’. The NEC motion of July 20 2021 listed a number of reasons as to why the Labour Party might ‘auto-exclude’ somebody – but funnily enough, it did not list clicking ‘like’ on a Facebook post put up by the now-proscribed groups. Probably because it absolutely does not proof membership or support for an organisation. Just that you liked one of their posts! How much lower will Keir Starmer and David Evans sink?

…examples of “support” for any of the above organisations for purposes of Chapter 2, Clause I.4.B of the Labour Party Rule Book may include:

a. Membership of any of the four organisations;
b. Standing for election to the steering committee of the relevant organisation;
c. Participating in an all member’s meeting of the relevant organisation;
d. Participating in a working group of the relevant organisation;
e. Contributing written material to the website of the relevant organisation;
f. Donating to the relevant organisation;
g. Encouraging others to join the relevant organisation;
h. Participating in an event organised or hosted by the relevant organisation;