The case of Syed Siddiqui

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As covered by Jewish Voice for Labour:

Letter sent to all member of the Labour Party NEC
15 January 2018

Dear  NEC member,

We understand that the suspension of Syed Siddiqui is being considered by the NEC very shortly and we urge you to lift the suspension. We append a Case summary, and attach the relevant sections of the Rule book and the exchange between Mr. Siddiqui and Party Officers, leading now to a second complaint about how this issue has been handled.

As Mr. Siddiqui has been selected to stand for the local Council, it is even more important that it is addressed swiftly. We have 2 JVL committee members in this constituency who can attest to the falseness of the allegations and to the truth of the Islamaphobic comments addressed to Mr. Siddiqui.

We look forward to a speedy resolution of this matter.

Your sincerely
Leah Levane and Jenny Manson
Co Chairs, Jewish Voice for Labour

There is a model resolution on the case here
See our earlier report: Another grotesque miscarriage of justice – sign the petition

CASE SUMMARY by Murray Glickman

Syed Siddiqui


Syed Siddiqui is only 29.  He is no hard-bitten politico, having been a party member only since 2015.  He was first elected as Ilford South CLP secretary at the 2016 AGM and was re-elected unopposed in 2017.  He is committed and on the left.  People who know Syed in the local party say he is good-hearted, friendly, outgoing, energetic, competent, principled and quietly determined.  I saw him in action when out canvassing during the General Election: I wish I had his ability to engage so easily with people on the doorstep.

The language used against Syed in the letters he has received from the party’s Head of Disputes simply does not describe the man I know!

I have compiled this summary based on access to all the documents I refer to and after extensive conversations with Syed and other local party members who witnessed various relevant events.

Murray Glickman
Ilford South CLP
Steering Group Member, Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL)


In order to understand the context of this summary, some background information is necessary in relation to: (i) manoeuvrings by people associated with the ‘Progress’ faction in the Redbridge party and (ii) problems that arose in the local party Whatsapp group.

(i)       Progress manoeuvrings in Redbridge

A clear picture of what has been going on in given in the following passages quoted from a report submitted to the national party leadership by Wendy Taylor, vice-chair of Ilford South CLP:

llford North has a membership of over 900.  Most members have joined since 2015 so it is likely that most new members have joined to support a left wing agenda of the current Party leadership. However, the CLP officers and administration are dominated by Progress sympathisers if not members. This Progress coterie coalesced around Wes Streeting, who was a Redbridge Borough councillor but is now our MP. Richard Angel, Director of Progress lives locally having moved here, by his own confession to support Wes Streeting.

The Progress group control communication within the CLP via Matt Goddin who is works fulltime for Wes and is also CLP Secretary and Secretary of the Redbridge LCF which presents clear conflicts of interest. They employ subterfuge in order to retain control of the CLP and LCF ….


Regarding the selection process, Councillors who had challenged the right wing council leadership didn’t get through the process …

No local people were on any of the interview panels and members were carefully chosen from the right. We know of only one leftish panel member who said he was in the minority so couldn’t save any left candidates

Candidates rejected [by these interview panels] include:

o   Helen Watson: …. [chair of Church End & Monkhams Ward, Chingford & Woodford Green CLP] women’s officer and communications officer with the Teachers Union.  She campaigned tirelessly and was instrumental in the drastic reduction in IDS’s majority yet was told she did insufficient canvassing! Despite having worked in comms  for 20 years  in  local authorities she was told she didn’t understand the role of a councillor sufficiently  and was ‘reading from a script’

o   Barbara White, an activist for 20 years and sitting Labour councillor for 8 years, ex-mayor and on the Exec of the musicians union, ex women’s officer on the TUC and recently diagnosed  with cancer. Her appeal was rejected because she had not campaigned sufficiently and missed some group meetings due to ill health due to her treatment, though attendance at council meetings was similar to the whip’s.  She received no support with her disability from the leader or whip and when she responded to anti-Semitic content in a spoof paper this was held against her.

o   Elizabeth Joseph, an activist from Hainault who has been in the party for 20 years, a magistrate who runs a local business employing 50 people.

o   Rayla Javaid, a young Muslim activist from Woodford, who is a human rights lawyer for a charity working on the team representing Grenfell Tower survivors.

o   Gupta Pushpita, a community activist and member for many years, who has campaigned for Wes Streeting, Sadiq and organised many social events raising funds for local Labour.

The situation in Redbridge recently got a mention in the Guardian: Momentum chief calls for Labour candidate selection rerun in London | Politics | The Guardian

Remarkably, Syed managed to slip through the Progress net and was selected as candidate for Churchfields Ward.  Although a ward of Redbridge council, this ward is in the constituency of I Duncan Smith (majority only 2000).  It is therefore a key target both strategically and viscerally. Syed and the other candidates had already begun compaigning.

(ii)       The Whatsapp Group.

Syed was moderator of this group (now closed).   Diana Neslen (Ilford South GC and JVL Steering Group member) has written: “There was a growing argument between two of the members of the group with threats of violence.  For the record, one is a Muslim the other a Sikh.  I understand threats were exchanged like “I will slap you” “I am a kickboxer and will destroy you”   And the two people were removed [by Syed] from the group.  There is a record of this on Syed’s what’s app.”  This took place in early September.



In the first minutes after midnight of Tuesday September 12th, Syed was surprised to receive a phone call from Manjit Panesar [MP], one of the two people he had excluded from the WhatsApp group, Syed managed to record most of the call: the islamphobic and abusive nature of MP’s comments is indisputable.  However, he had taken more than a minute of flagrant racist and personal abuse before it occurred to him to start recording the call.  (The recording took some little time to set up and was time-limited by the app used).

Later that same day (12th September), Syed lodged a complaint against MP both with the police and the local and national party.

The party’s Legal and Compliance unit suspended Manjit Panesar.  Party rules require the Unit to notify the local CLP when they take this action.  On this occasion they failed to do so.  Eventually, the fact of MP’s suspension was divulged accidentally to local party officers on October 3rd.  Questions were then raised with the Compliance unit and the local party finally received notification of the suspension on October 4th.

Nothing further has been heard from the Compliance unit in relation to MP’s suspension.  However, it seems that MP is not currently suspended since, we understand, he is standing for office in forthcoming local party AGMs.


On 22nd September, ten days after the abusive call, the regular Ilford South CLP meeting took place. No voting was required on any item.  Nevertheless, Jas Atwal (leader of Redbridge Council and Progress supporter) was extremely exercised about having four new branch delegates admitted that evening.  Syed pointed out that he had already informed the branch in question — weeks earlier — that before any new delegates could be accepted, the existing delegate would first need to formally submit their resignations.  As he had not heard from the latter, he refused to allow the new people to join the meeting.  Jas Atwal responded angrily but the meeting supported Syed’s ruling.


On 6th October, Sam Matthews, the party’s Head of Disputes, sent Syed a formal notice of investigation.  The letter stated that MP had made allegations against Syed, claiming that during 12th Sept phone call Syed had “also made various threatening and intimidatory comments towards” MP.

The letter continues: “We are aware that this matter is currently the subject of a police investigation. As is standard practice in these situations, we will place our investigation of this matter on hold … “

The letter went on to say:

In the meantime, the Party will continue to monitor this situation closely, especially for any indication that conduct arising from the dispute between you and Mr Panesar may be detrimental to the Party locally or nationally. Until this situation can be resolved, we reserve the right to take any appropriate steps to protect the Party’s reputation and/or interests, including administrative suspension. [Note: Syed was not suspended at this point.]

The inclusion of this statement is striking because it is so gratuitous.  This in itself suggests strongly that the events which followed (and from which Syed has suffered great detriment) were pre-meditated and pre-planned.  This suspicion is only reinforced by the fact that the party official appointed to investigate the case saw fit to repeat it in a letter sent to Syed as late as 8th January this year.


A few days later, Sam Matthews issued Syed with a second notice of investigation.  This stated:

Allegations that you may have been involved in a breach of Labour Party rules have been brought to the attention of national officers of the Labour Party. You are alleged to have neglected your responsibilities as Secretary of Ilford South CLP thus having a detrimental effect upon the CLP, and to have treated members and office-holders in Ilford South CLP in an intimidating, threatening and disrespectful manner.


Due to the nature of the allegations, the full body of evidence will not be disclosed during the investigation.

You are not currently administratively suspended and no restrictions have been placed on the rights associated with your membership at this time.

In mid-October, Syed gave permission for the police to be in contact with the party over the racist incident.



The party’s Legal and Compliance unit is evidently so amply resourced that Mr Matthews found the time to send Syed a third formal notice, on 7th December.  This states:

Multiple additional allegations that you may have been involved in further breaches of Labour Party rules have now also come to the attention of national officers of the Party. These allegations relate to conduct toward Party members which may be in breach of the Party’s Bullying and Harassment Policy (enclosed), including but not limited to your conduct at Party meetings and on social media.

The Party will investigate these new allegations, alongside the existing allegations: These are that you made threatening and intimidatory comments towards Mr Manjit Panesar in a telephone call on 12 September 2017 (DCN-0226); and that you have neglected your responsibilities as Secretary of Ilford South CLP thus having a detrimental effect upon the CLP, and to have treated members and office-holders in Ilford South CLP in an intimidating, threatening and disrespectful manner (DCN-0229). All of these allegations will now be investigated simultaneously as connected matters, along with your allegations against Mr Panesar (DCN-0218). ….

I give you formal notice that it has been determined that the powers given to the NEC under Chapter 6 Clause I.1.A of the Party’s rules should be invoked to suspend you from office or representation of the Party*, pending the outcome of the Party’s internal investigation.

The administrative suspension means that you cannot attend any Party meetings, including Branch meetings, CLP meetings, and Annual Conference, and you cannot be considered for selection as a candidate to represent the Labour Party at an election at any level.



Initially Syed refused to allow the police to discuss the case with the party.  He gave that permission on November 15th.

The police have raised no objection to the party investigating the case while the police continue with theirs.

Following his suspension, Syed withdrew the permission he had given.

Murray Glickman
for Jewish Voice for Labour

Model branch resolution in support of Syed Siddiqui

This branch fully supports Syed Siddiqi and calls for his Labour Party membership to be reinstated immediately so he can continue in his role as secretary of Ilford South CLP and as council candidate for Churchfields ward. In our experience, Syed’s conduct and commitment to the Labour cause has been excellent.

Syed has not been notified of any specific allegation, neither has he been told who the complainant is or shown evidence of what he has supposed to have done. At no point has the complaint been brought to any officer of Ilford South CLP or raised formally. This goes against the laws of natural justice.

Furthermore, we are alarmed that Syed’s suspension comes so soon after his own complaint about an Islamophobic attack on him by a Party member, which is being looked into by Labour and being investigated by the police.

Whilst not wishing to prejudice the outcome – everyone has the right to be presumed innocent unless proven otherwise – we would like it noted that the Labour Party has a policy of zero tolerance to Islamaphobia and that this matter has yet to be resolved.

We have a duty of care to our members and representatives, to deal with complaints fairly and promptly.

We believe Syed’s suspension from the Party is unjustified. It will have a detrimental effect on the work of Ilford South CLP and its council campaign in Churchfields, not to mention a negative impact on members, especially grassroots BAME members who already struggle for fair representation.

Mike Paling – expelled for sharing Facebook posts

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On the very same day that LAW’s honorary president Moshé Machover was expelled from the Labour Party, so was Michael Paling. But, unlike Moshé, whose expulsion had to be overturned by a successful international campaign, comrade Paling remains expelled. Mike was a member of Redcar CLP prior to his expulsion. The MP there is the notoriously anti-Corbyn, Progress-supporting Anna Turley.

As his email to Moshé explains (see below), his ‘offence’ was sharing posts which included articles from Weekly Worker. His Facebook timeline is full of posts he has shared, most of them have nothing to do with the CPGB or LPM. He was obviously targeted as an active trade unionist. They were amongst many such posts that he shared on Facebook. We need to put an end to this McCarthyism.

Mike Paling has been expelled under Chapter 2.I.4.B of the Labour Party’s rules which states:

“A member of the party who joins and/or supports a political organisation other than an official Labour Group or unit of the Party or supports any candidate who stands against an official Labour candidate, or publicly declares their intent to stand against a Labour candidate, shall automatically be ineligible to be or remain a party member, subject to the provisions of part 6.I.2 of the disciplinary rules”.

This rule has to go. As it stands it could be interpreted to debar any member or supporter of Progress or Labour or indeed any organisation deemed political but of course it is only being used to debar members of left-wing groups. An anti-fracking or an anti-racist group could equally be deemed political. The proscribed list of organisations, such as Militant, has been scrapped. Now any member of the Compliance Group can take exception to any group they define as political and then auto-exclude someone, without them having any right of appeal, from the Labour Party. This rule is witch hunter’s charter.

It could of course and maybe in the future it will be used against members of Momentum. However today it is being used solely against people on the Left. Although I detest the Zionist politics of the Alliance for Workers Liberty for the reasons I gave in a previous post, they have a right to function and operate in the Labour Party like any other group.

[Update January 14 2018: The data protection disclosure documents recently sent to the comrade contain a statement according to which he had previously been auto-excluded in 1994. The comrade assures us he had never been a Labour Party member prior to joining in 2014, nor in any other political group, let alone expelled. Presumably, that inaccurate information may have coloured the indifferent reaction he got when writing to Ann Black about his expulsion before he knew that claim had been made.]

Tony Greenstein

(this was first published as part of a longer article here)


Letter from Mike Paling to Moshé Machover

Dear Moshé,

No one was happier than myself when your expulsion was rescinded after the fantastic campaigning by members. Sadly the same cannot be said for myself regarding my expulsion at the same time, my crime was the sharing of 8 items from Labour Party Marxist and the Weekly Worker, (CPGB). I would just like to make it clear from the off, I have never attended a LPM or CPGB meeting, let alone joined either of these organisations.

I regularly share political articles on Facebook, including some by your good self, but I’ve shown no bias towards LPM or WW. I’ve checked my Facebook timeline and counted 12 occasions when I’ve shared LPM and WW pieces during September, the month cited by Sam Matthews. However, there were over 200 political articles shared from other sources, such as Labour MPs, Unite the Union, the TUC, New Statesman, national newspapers, etc, during the same period. Of course, I will dispute the premise that LPM support is incompatible with membership, but even if that is accepted, there is no evidence that I’ve given any such support. Like yourself, I was offered no right of appeal but given 14 days to challenge the validity of the so called evidence attached to the expulsion letter, unlike you, however Sam Matthews has not seen fit to reply to, or even acknowledge, my communication.

During my time as a Labour Party activist I’ve participated in election campaigns Party actions regularly attending CLP, branch and Momentum meetings and supporting Labour movement, antifascist and Palestinian solidarity actions. No doubt the latter has made me more susceptible to the attention of purge minded bureaucrats.

Kind regards, M Paling.




Letter to Labour Party NEC: Suspended for writing a poem

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Dear Brother and Sister,

January 12 2018

Until very recently the political balance on Labour’s National Executive Committee meant that decisions concerning suspensions and referrals to the NCC appeared to be rubber stamped.

Following today’s elections of a further 3 constituency members it is widely hoped and expected that there will now be a socialist majority on the NEC. From now on there is no longer an excuse for the witch hunt of socialists.

Nothing can be more ludicrous than the suspension of poet Kevin Higgins for writing a satirical poem about Tony Blair. It is only the most oppressive countries that persecute poets. Nothing can be more unjust than members left suspended, often for months, without information as to charges against them, without regard or due care for the effect this has on members lives and reputations.

We know of a number of members in this situation who have been put at risk of severe depression and suicide.

As you know, at the present time the cases of Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth are going to the NCC. Nothing can be more absurd than a socialist party seeking to expel Jewish, Black and life-long anti-racists for the ‘crime’ of having upset the supporters of Zionism & Israel.

The fact that these suspensions are so avidly reported by Britain’s most racist tabloid press – the Daily Mail, Express and Sun – gives the lie to the suggestion that these suspensions have anything to do with ‘anti-Semitism’. Does anyone seriously believe that papers which employ Richard Littlejohn, Katie Hopkins et al are seriously concerned about anti-Jewish racism?

Shami Chakrabarti, in her Report recommended that ‘The Labour Party should seek to uphold the strongest principles of natural justice, however difficult the circumstances, and to resist subjecting members to a trial by media.’ Eighteen months later these Chakrabarti proposals have not been applied in any meaningful way to the disciplinary process. Members being processed by the Compliance Unit have been subject to repeated leaks to the media, in a clear breach of the Data Protection Act.

We call for a freeze in all disciplinary actions as and until the Chakrabarti Report’s recommendations on due process and natural justice in regard to the disciplinary process have been debated and implemented.

In Solidarity

Jackie Walker – Chair, Labour Against the Witch-hunt
Tony Greenstein – Vice Chair, Labour Against the Witchhunt

David Watson, suspended for unspecified “breaches of party rules” since May 2016

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David Watson, Labour Party fundraising coordinator for the Walthamstow constituency in northeast London, was suspended for unspecified “breaches of party rules.” The Jewish Chronicle – a Zionist weekly newspaper which has been a main cheerleader for the campaign branding Labour a hotbed of Jew-hatred – gave an “Exclusive” tag to its May 6 report alleging that Watson had been suspended because of antisemitic Facebook posts.

For more info on this case, click here.

To sign a petition calling for his reinstatement, click here.

The curious case of Kevin Higgins, suspended for writing this poem

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Poet Kevin Higgins has been suspended from the Labour Party for over 18 months, apparently for writing this satirical poem about the Blairs. For background to this case see here.  

What Did The Politician Get His Wife?

after Bertolt Brecht

And what did she get, the girlfriend,
from the student union meeting
at which he rose to his feet
and realised he could speak?
From that meeting she got
the Snickers bar he forgot to eat
so busy was he watching them listen;
and that speech, unabridged,
every other night for thirty five years.

And what did she get, his new wife,
from the time he first used a party
conference microphone to agree with both sides?
Those okay with the Moslems/Mexicans/Gypsies being here,
and those who want them kept over there.
From that microphone she took away their
invitation to dine with the Deputy Mayor
and his not new wife.

And what did she get, his no longer new wife,
when, at the second attempt,
he won that seat on the City Council?
From his election she got to drink Pinot Noir
and go swimming in their private club
with the no-so-new wives
of those who got the contracts
to make the paving stones and install
the pay-and-display ticket machines
during his years as Chairman
of the relevant committee.

And what did she get, his well-maintained wife,
the night he was elected to the big shiny
parliament? From that night she took away
an architect to re-design their new three storey pad
in the priciest possible part of the capital,
and an article about herself
in the Daily Express lifestyle pages.

And what did she get, the no longer new MP’s
no longer new wife, the morning
they made him Minister?
That morning she got to go horse riding
with the Leader of the House of Lords’
fourth (or fifth) wife..

And what did she get, the no longer new
Cabinet Minister’s wife, the night the landslide
made him Prime Minister? That night
she got to hold to her breast
invitations to break foie gras
with the Sultan of Brunei, the President of China;
and the chance to write husband’s speech
announcing the crackdown on beggars
who accost hard working
families who stop to ask for directions
en route to the nearest funeral parlour.

And what did she get, the ex-Prime Minister’s
no longer new wife, from all the depleted uranium shells
he had dropped during the Battle of Basra, all the soldiers
he sent to meet improvised explosive
devices in far Mesopotamia in the hope
of getting rid of something bigger
than the beggars and prostitutes
at Kings Cross. For these she got
white night terrors
of him on trial for all their crimes,
and the desire to never again
look out the front window of their fine
Connaught Square house
at the tree from which, it’s said,
they used to once string



To whom it may concern,

On June 27th 2016 poet Kevin Higgins was suspended from the British Labour Party, of which he is an overseas member in the Labour International CLP (

Kevin’s offence was, apparently, that he had written satirical poems about several of Jeremy Corbyn’s then critics in the Parliamentary Labour Party. This occurred at the start of the unsuccessful attempt to force Corbyn to resign as Leader in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum.

After receiving what he describes as a “peculiar series of emails” from UK Labour HQ in early 2017,  on March 15th last Kevin wrote to the party’s Governance & Legal Unit informing them that he wished to make a Subject Access Request under current UK Data Protection legislation. Under this legislation the UK Labour Party are legally obliged to disclose to Kevin, within forty days, all documents relating to him in their possession. Nine months later they have yet to respond to Kevin’s request, putting them in clear violation of their legal obligations.

In April UK Labour HQ invited Kevin to be interviewed by telephone about the accusations against him, one of which was announcing on social media that he had rewritten Bertolt Brecht’s poem ‘Ballad of the Soldier’s Wife’ and turned it into a satire on Tony and Cherie Blair. Kevin’s interview was to take place on Tuesday April 18th but was cancelled by UK Labour HQ when Theresa May called a General Election that morning. Continue Reading “The curious case of Kevin Higgins, suspended for writing this poem”

Update: High Court judge rules in Tony Greenstein’s favour!

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Good news: Tony Greenstein’s expulsion hearing – scheduled for Monday 11 – cannot take place before January 8, giving Tony more time to prepare.

The Labour Party’s lawyers “sent me a bill of costs for 7.5K but instead I applied for £100 costs which I’m donating to Labour Against the Witchhunt”, says Tony.

This (small) victory also means they are unlikely to pull similar tricks when it comes to the forthcoming hearings of Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth and others.


Click here to read Tony’s article: McNicol’s Puppets waste £10,000 of Member’s Money – How Long are Momentum and Lansman going to remain silent?

November 22: LAW steering committee statement

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Labour Against the Witchhunt (LAW) is a Labour Party campaign. We urge all those who oppose Labour’s witchhunt against Corbyn supporters and critics of Israel/Zionism to stay in the Party and fight.

Labour Against the Witchhunt welcomes the participation of all people who support its three key aims:
1. an end to automatic suspensions and expulsions;
2. rejection of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, which conflates anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism and support for the rights of the Palestinian people;
3. abolition of Labour’s ‘compliance unit’.

Those, like the Alliance for Workers Liberty, who promote the false anti-Semitism smear, who conflate anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism and who promote the myth of left anti-Semitism, are not welcome in LAW.

Those who, like ‘Socialist Fight’, promote the “socialism of fools” – the view that imperialism’s support for Zionism and Israel is because of the influence of Jews – are also not welcome in LAW.

LAW Steering Committee
Tony Greenstein, Stan Keable, Jackie Walker

Sign the petition to the NEC: Stop the expulsion proceedings against Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth

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Sign this petition by clicking here

To Members of Labour’s National Executive Committee: Stop the Expulsion Proceedings Against Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth

On October 3 2017, Professor Moshe Machover, an Israeli anti-Zionist was ‘auto-excluded’ from the Labour Party. Moshe’s offence was to write an ‘apparently anti-Semitic’ article quoting Reinhardt Heydrich praising the Zionist movement. The article itself was factually true.

Moshe’s main crime had been to write for the Weekly Worker, paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain and speak at their conference. According to Sam Matthews of Labour’s Disputes Committee, this indicated support for another organisation. If Moshe had, like many Labour MPs, written for the Daily Mail or the Sun there would not have been a problem.

Because of the fierce reaction to Moshe’s expulsion, with dozens of Labour Party branches and CLPs passing motions condemning this exercise in McCarthyism, the expulsion of Machover was rescinded. According to Matthew’s ‘logic’, Jeremy Corbyn, a columnist for the Morning Star for 10 years, should also have been expelled! After Labour’s successful annual conference and its successes in the General Election, members were not prepared to tolerate a renewed witch hunt by Labour’s General Secretary Iain McNicol or the Compliance Unit.

Members have made it very clear that they are sick and tired of supporters of the Palestinians and opponents of Israeli Apartheid being labelled as anti-Semitic.

McNicol’s witch hunters haven’t given up though. On October 31 the Jewish Chronicle, as a result of a leak from Labour HQ, wrote that Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth were going to be facing expulsion imminently.

On November 2, Tony Greenstein, a Jewish anti-Zionist and an active anti-fascist, author of the Fight Against Fascism in Brighton (reviewed here) was informed that he would be facing expulsion before the National Constitutional Committee within 5 weeks.

It is over 20 months since Tony was suspended and 17 months since his Investigation Meeting, yet the NCC have refused to allow him more time to response to a 190 page dossier despite having been in hospital when he was notified of the hearing.

Tony has been targeted by the Jewish Labour Movement, ‘sister party’ of the Israeli Labour Party. One charge is posting on his blog ‘offensive and derisory’ comments accusing Louise Ellman MP of being a “supporter of Israeli child abuse”.

On January 16 2016 there was a debate in the House of Commons on Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children. The debate revolved around a UNICEF Report which recorded that Palestinian children experienced treatment akin to torture as well as sexual abuse. During the debate Ms Ellman intervened three times to justify the Israeli Military’s behaviour.

Tony Greenstein is accused of ‘anti-Semitism’ but his charges relate to his criticism of Israel not Jews. According to Professor Brian Klug of Oxford University ‘‘antisemitism is a form of hostility to Jews as Jews, where Jews are perceived as something other than what they are.’ Anti-Semitism has nothing to do with criticism of Zionism or Israel.

We demand that the principles of natural justice and due process, as recommended by the Chakrabarti Report, are adhered to and that the proposed expulsions of Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth are withdrawn. As Alexei Sayle noted during a Sky News interview:

‘most of the people who have been suspended from the Labour Party seem to be Jewish’

Sign the petition by clicking here

Moshe Machover gains international support over his expulsion

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Celebrity international backing for academic expelled, then readmitted to Labour Party
Demand for full apology and inquiry
Statement delivered to Corbyn and Party Secretary McNicol
In an extraordinary development, an international array of talent has rallied to the support of a retired professor expelled from the British Labour Party. They join the growing ranks of Party members and trade unionists demanding an apology to Professor Moshé Machover for alleging that an article of his was antisemitic; and for an inquiry into the processes that resulted in his expulsion. As a result of UK protests Professor Machover’s expulsion has already been rescinded.
Professor Machover is an eminent mathematical logician, a noted Israeli dissident and advocate for the rights of Palestinians, based in London since 1968.


Sir Michael Atiyah OM FRS (1966)  Former President, Royal Society & Master of Trinity College, Cambridge
David Mumford (1974)  Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, Brown University
Stephen Smale (Fields Medallist, 1966)  Professor Emeritus (Retired), Mathematics, Univ. of California
Other notable mathematicians, philosophers and scientists include Ahmed Abbes, Noam Chomsky, Chandler Davis, Freeman Dyson, Ivar Ekeland, David Epstein FRS, Emmanuel Farjoun, Catherine Goldstein, Mary Gray, Michael Harris, David Klein, Neal Koblitz, Malcolm Levitt FRS, Colette Moeglin, Richard Miller, Joseph Oesterlé, Hilary Rose, Steven Rose, Tim Shallice FRS and more!
Tariq Ali (writer), Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC (University College London), Stephen Cragg QC (Barrister, London), John Dugard (former U.N. Special Rapporteur), Brian Eno (musician), Richard Falk (Professor Emeritus, International Law, Princeton), Ronnie Kasrils (ex-Minister, South Africa), Ken Loach(film-maker), Michael Mansfield QC (President of the Haldane Society), Ilan Pappé (Professor of History, Exeter), Shlomo Sand (Professor Emeritus, History, Tel Aviv University), Raji Sourani (Director, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights) and many more!
This unprecedented support and demand for redress indicates serious misjudgement by the Labour Party’s much criticised disciplinary apparatus. On behalf of the petition’s organizers, Professor Jonathan Rosenhead said, “Moshé Machover is a splendid and courageous anti-racist campaigner over decades. The crass attempt to brand him an antisemite, part of an unprincipled campaign to suppress criticism of Israel, has clearly backfired in a big way. The Labour Party needs a root-and-branch reform of how its Disputes Panel and Compliance Unit have been operating.”

We call on Labour’s National Executive Committee

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Labour Against the Witchhunt calls on Labour’s National Executive Committee to:

  • Stop the expulsions of Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth!
  • Reinstate all those who have been ‘auto-excluded’!
  • No more automatic expulsions and suspensions!
  • Apologise for the ‘anti-Semitism’ smear against Moshé Machover!
  • Reject the fake IHRA definition of anti-Semitism!
  • Abolish Labour’s Compliance Unit!