March 25: Hands Off the Left! Reinstate Chris Williamson! Don’t expel Jackie Walker!

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March 25, 6.30pm
Hands Off the Left!
Reinstate Chris Williamson! Don’t expel Jackie Walker!

Speakers confirmed:

  • Ken Livingstone
  • Jackie Walker
  • Graham Bash (Jewish Voice for Labour & Labour Representation Committee, personal capacity)

This meeting is a response to the attacks against those on the left who have supported the Corbyn revolution in the Labour Party. We are Jewish and non-Jewish. We are black and we are white and we will not stand silent anymore! Come along to discuss how we can move forward in this struggle.

This meeting near Holborn tubes station takes place on the eve of Jackie Walker’s Labour Party expulsion hearing – come along and get briefed on what’s going on.

Details of the precise venue will be published nearer the date. Register on Eventbrite here. We reserve the right to refuse admission. Chaired by Tina Werkmann, Labour Against the Witchhunt.

March 26 2019
Labour Party disciplinary hearing against Jackie Walker

Come and show your support! Details and venue to follow. Facebook event here.

Individuals and liberation groups, Labour Party members or not, witches, clowns, performers and entertainers (after all, this is politics) – come, bring banners and your dancing shoes – share the love and show your support! Take the day off (we won’t tell!!), or come for bit ….

Details to follow, but note, this is a day of celebration: we are celebrating the courage and resilience that Jackie and so many anti-racists, pro-Palestinian activists, ordinary members and those wrongly accused and witch-hunted have shown over more than 3 years. We want to commend the massive achievements of those campaigning for radical change in our politics. We want to celebrate our diversity, the solidarity, determination and comradeship that she and others have experienced.

Come along and bring friends and family!

“I’m so pleased to have a date for my hearing,” Walker told The Electronic Intifada. “Whatever the outcome, it’s been amazing to be part of an anti-racist, anti-Zionist left that has refused to be silenced by what has been the worst political witch hunt of our generation.”

Click here to read the full article by LAW supporter Asa Winstanley on the Electronic Intifada:

Here is the trailer for The Witchhunt, a documentary about Jackie …. premiered on February 10 in London and cities across the country.

LAW statement: Corbyn was wrong to pressurise Ken Livingstone into leaving the Labour Party

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It is clear from reports such as John Rentoul in The Independent that Ken Livingstone’s resignation was not voluntary but the result of pressure exerted by Jeremy Corbyn and his close associates. We refer in particular to Shami Chakrabarti’s disgraceful attack on Livingstone on BBC’s Sunday Politics (May 13),when she threatened she would quit the Labour front bench if Livingstone was not expelled. Chakrabarti has not only ignored her own recommendations on natural justice and due process but she has also destroyed her own reputation, as a former Director of Liberty, for a belief in freedom of expression.

Nothing Livingstone was alleged to have done could in any way be described as anti-Semitic.  His remark that “Hitler supported Zionism” is confirmed by a host of Holocaust historians.  If he gave offence to supporters of Israel and Zionism it is because of the appalling record historically of Zionism when it comes to fighting real anti-Semites. Continue Reading “LAW statement: Corbyn was wrong to pressurise Ken Livingstone into leaving the Labour Party”

LAW statement on the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth

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“Victim of a politically motivated campaign against Jeremy Corbyn”

Labour Against the Witchhunt strongly condemns the outrageous decision to expel Marc Wadsworth after a two-day hearing in front of three right-wing members of Labour’s National Constitutional Committee.

Marc is the latest victim of the politically motivated witch-hunt against Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. Marc Wadsworth, a lifelong campaigner against racism, has been smeared and his reputation tarnished, first by the vile and false allegations against him and now, to top it off, by this deeply unjust verdict. Following 22 months of trial-by-media, our comrade had very little chance of receiving a fair hearing – and he did not get one. Continue Reading “LAW statement on the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth”

LAW model motion on the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth

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Feel free to change and amend. Please send us successfully passed motions to and we will publish them.

You can download the motion in Word format here. 

1. This branch/CLPs notes that:

1.1 Ruth Smeeth MP claimed that at the launch of the Charkrabarti report in June 2016, veteran anti-racist campaigner Marc Wadsworth was being “anti-Semitic” for criticising her as “working hand in hand” with a reporter of the Daily Telegraph – a fallacious claim that was repeated in almost every newspaper.

1.2 An all-white, three person panel of the National Constitutional Committee of the Labour Party, however, did not uphold this charge. They expelled Marc Wadsworth on April 27 2018 under the catch-all phrase of “bringing the party into disrepute” (point 2.1.8 in Labour’s 2016 rulebook). Continue Reading “LAW model motion on the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth”