Support Chris Williamson: Seven things you can do

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  1. Use either of these draft motions  in your Labour Party branch/CLP. If successful, please send it to Jennie Formby and to LAW, so that we can publish it alongside other statements and resolutions here. Please note: We hear that in some branches and CLPs, the chair prevented the meeting from discussing motions in support of Chris, because of apparent recent advice by Labour HQ. This seems to be fake news! It appears that Jennie Formby’s wording was taken from an old email about an unrelated case and spread by some regional officers, which explains why most CLPs and branches have not received said advice. Also, once a case has been in the public domain, it cannot be considered a “confidential” issue anymore and is therefore clearly “competent business” for branches and CLPs to discuss. And even if this was new advice, it is always up to the members of any meeting to decide if they want to follow that advice – or stand up and be counted. It is normal democratic practice in the Labour Party that a meeting can discuss whatever issue it likes.
  2. Sign our petition demanding Chris’ reinstatement – and share it far and wide. There is another, simple one doing the rounds ‘Don’t Expel Chris Williamson’ and a good Open Letter to Jennie Formby from Labour Party members. Tony Greenstein has also produced a petition and there is another supportable petition online. Sign them all!
  3. If you’re on Twitter, use #IStandWithChrisWilliamson
  4. Put on a showing of ‘The Witchhunt’ documentary with Jackie Walker in your locality to better understand the background to this decision.
  5. Email Jennie Formby to protest against this decision.
  6. Join our March 26 protest party at the expulsion hearing of Jackie Walker (details to be confirmed, Facebook event here). Should Chris still be suspended, we will of course use the opportunity to demand his reinstatement.
  7. The first badge we’ve seen in solidarity with Chris is available here.